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Originally Posted by metalhead View Post
hey tminus3, i've been on bikes since i was 7, but because of getting clobbered by an old lady 12 years ago, i've just now gotten back on! got a used 05 800ss AND I BY GOD HAVE NOT MISSED A LICK!!! been freakin doggin this thing and it is EVERYTHING that i could imagine from a bike! period!!! by the way, even though i'm 44, i too am a guitarist(bass)! so yeah i'm feelin ya on the clutch thing. BUT sometimes the old left wrist and forearm still gripes at me a bit if i'm out for 3 or 4 hours or more. and this is from a guy who still can rip on "master of puppets"(mettallica), "tornado of souls"(megadeth), "mouth for war"(pantera), etc. know what? anybody that would question my 800 I SAY THIS: BRING IT! Richie the "metalhead". keep on jammin bro!

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