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I used to ride in KL when I was living there about 10 years ago and I've been back regularly since.

Good call on the gear but you're a brave man for taking on the traffic. Be careful mate. Drivers there don't look out for bikes and certainly won't get out of your way if they see you. I used to wear full 1-piece leathers and came off once doing 160kmh on one of the highways. Was very lucky to not hit or be hit by another car!

To look for gear, be warned... the price of leathers in KL is much higher than anywhere else. This has something to do with the duty tax on leather goods. You're much better off going down to Singapore to get your leathers. But if leathers are too hot for you, then mesh is the way to go. Don't bother with the leather/textile combos as not enough air travels through. I prefer kevlar jeans with external knee pads instead of leather pants. That's pretty much my everyday gear here in Perth and we have temperatures in the high 30s.

IMO, the Ducati dealer in KL has no clue what they are talking about. They are not specialised in our beloved machines and are only interested in the sale. There's a Dainese shop near the dealer (in Taman Tun Dr Ismail) but their prices are higher than Singapore prices.

Helmets: be wary of cheap knockoffs! They look very real.

If you go down to Pertama Complex in the city, you will find quite a few bike shops with many vendors willing to bargain.


Hope that helps and stay safe.
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