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TORC Jan 11th, 2006 9:47 pm

RON used in your duc
Aha...I've found an Australian based Ducati group! Hello everyone.

What RON fuel do you use in your Ducati?

I've an '05 999s, and run 95RON and above, (can't really get 95 anymore, so run 96/98). People 'in the know' in Australia tell me that even though the manual specifies 95 and above, I should only be running standard, (91) as our premium fuel here in Australia is too dense for the motor.

Does anyone have any comments on this?

At this stage, I'm extreemly reluctant to use standard unleaded due to possible detonation.

mals900ss Jan 14th, 2006 6:00 am

Hey.. ummm Mailer

I have access to 95 but don't use it often. My bike is an 01 900 SS. Strangley I find I get better economy on ordinary unleaded. I had heard that Euro premium was still only about 93-94 so there was no need to use the 98, at least for the SS. If you choose to use the Optimax, make sure you have an Oxygen Sensor. Mine doesn't so the Optimax is no good for me. The Oxygen sensor reads the gasses in the exhaust to tell the computer whether the mixture is rich or lean so adjustments can be made.

The 98 from BP is marketed as being same as Optimax, I can't confirm whether it is or not. I stand to be corrected but I think the Caltex "Vortex" is 95 and a few Shell Independant sites still have 95. I actually work for an independant Shell site.

Hope this confuses you more haha


CraigE Jan 19th, 2006 12:57 pm

I have been running my 98 900SS (carby model) on BP Ultimate 98 since I have had it, switched to normal unleaded acouple of tanks ago and find better economy with no loss of power. Generally I have found premium to be of no value, ran my wifes V8 Commodore on 98 as advised then trialled standard ULP, no difference.

Don Jan 20th, 2006 9:18 pm

I have '02 ST4S and was advised by Frasers Homebush (Sydney Ducati dealer) that Regular fuel is all that should be used for general use - I had been running premium but at the first service this dealer even went to the trouble of draining tank and replacing with Regular. I guess serious track work the advice might be a little diffent but for day to day running Regular is the go.

jules_1972 Jan 21st, 2006 7:01 pm

Hi all.
I run 95 Premium in both my bikes, I have trialed Ultimate as well as regular with no real difference in the bikes.

The higher Octane Fuel will not harm your bikes.
Higher Octane = slower burn at higher temp.
Lower Octane = faster burn at a lower temp.

I think Avgas is running up around 110 with Methanol around 135

Have a look -


AK749 Jul 20th, 2006 8:27 am

I always run 95 RON fuel on my 05 749 and make a habit of filling up only at either BP, Ampol, Shell or Caltex.

Have had many other riders and Ducati mechanics advise against the use of Optimax due to some of the additional additives in the mixture so i just avoid all of the 98 RON mixtures.

mals900ss Jul 20th, 2006 7:02 pm


Originally Posted by jules_1972
Hi all.
II think Avgas is running up around 110 with Methanol around 135

Have a look -


I'm going back a few years here.. Mobil Avgas was always classed as 105-115 RON.. They couldn't be specific so it was about that level.. (marked as such on the 200L drums) BP 100 IS 100..

Methanol, (used to be Shell Racing A, and I had a couple of drums in my bedroom..mmmmmmm ) hmm don't be trying unless you're planning some serious tuning. Methanol is larger umm ' glob ' size and will not pass through the jets in carbed vehicles. The molocules will just block them, a tuning guide was jets needed to be about 3 times larger than for petrol. THEN... drain and flush the fuel each time you go to pack it away for the week or fortnight. Your oil needs to be either different or changed way more often.

That all said, as kids we'd run Methanol Injection on our cars for some fun. We'd build a water injection kit, drain the water and replace with Racing A which was vacuum injected STRAIGHT into the manifold.. we thought we were cool.. we used plastic fish tank line and fittings etc.. It was worth about 1.5 seconds at the Hill climbs. hahaha


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