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Just saw this as we have been away on holiday. HK - husband is now considerably poorer. 748girl has gorgeous new shoes (several pairs of) matching handbags and a lovely new dress (I am such a girl!!). He has new clothes too, but I just bought them and presented them to him. In between raiding the boutiques (which was my job, he doesn't accompany me - hates shopping) we did fit in some time with DOC HK - great guys!!

You might want to look at About Us they may be able to help you bring your bike in.

Your helmet won't be legal - Punch said so - might make nice garage ornament - sorry.

You would need OEM mufflers and a closed clutch cover for a RWC. Our police don't like open covers - ask me how I know.

Stay Upright are good for motorcycle courses - it was a long time ago though.

Get in touch with the DOCV when you arrive back. Will look forward to meeting you then.

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