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Richard, agree about the helmet and I will be looking for one as soon as I get back. Annoying but don't want to be in a situation where the insurance company says no because the helmet is not Aus certified. As to the bike I will look around and see what there is. In the UK I was renting a Hoysung Crusier and also tried one of their 125cc race reps neither of which were particularly horrible so might see about one of those or the Apprilia 125cc also looks fun but the 400SS does float my boat. It basically comes down to cash and availability. When I get back with my training, setting up the house and everything else that is involved in moving countries it will probably not be until October/November before I get a chance to do the courses so I will have a bit of time to hunt around for the right bike even if it's one that needs some work.

I already have all the import permits, new VIN, import plate is waiting to be delivered etc from the DOT. Customs etc is being sorted by the moving company. The next time I see the bike will be at the collection facility in Tullamarine at the beginning of September all thing being equal. Once it's home, un-crated, running and things like mirrors installed the only thing I will have left will be the roadworthy. If I can get a company to help get that done then it might be easier so thanks for the link Craig I will give them a call when I am back and see if they can help me.

This may sound like the dumbest question but bear with me. Do you have to have a current license to register a car/bike? The reason I ask is that while we have been over here my license has expired a couple of times with the longest being for just over 2 years. I got it renewed in the end each time but the MGB was always registered and had even been renewed while I had an expired license. I would be interested to see if I am allowed to register the M900 while I am still on my L or if I have to wait until I get the full license before I am allowed to register it. There is no finite time for getting the bike registered as far as importing goes just not allowed to sell it within 2 years of importing so I am not worried time wise but just looking at the logistics. Again I have emailed VicRoads but no response.

Okay off to brave the heat and collect another ream of paperwork from the government offices here so I can get out of this sandpit.



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