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My ST3 is for sale

OK, now that I have actually got the bike running I am going to sell it. I have to admit, after riding it the other day, I do now realize now why they are well liked. This bike is FAST and I had a great time rolling through the twisties and splitting traffic the other day and contrary to the headache I had with the valve, it is the primary reason I am selling. I am a bit frustrated by the bikes need for attention, but I realize, as I have a couple of times in the past, I just get a little nuts on the sportier bikes.

I bought another Harley yesterday and I know that they are relatively slow and frankly has been the only bike I can ride sanely over time. I always seem to ride bikes where the BIKE likes to ride, and the Ducati wants to HAUL ASS!!! Moreso than even some full on sport bikes I have had. Posted in classifieds.
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