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gettin rid of the stock head pipes defiantly opened it up a bit, I got a chance to ride it a few times with the equal length pipes currently installed in the pictures with some older carbon cans installed. Im really looking forward to getting a new(er) shock on it too!! Im going to try out the 14/39 and if its to steep Ill put a 15 on the front.. mid ohio only has one really fast straight, and i can stand going a bit slower down the back straight to gain some power everywhere else.

Joe, that is a very nice bike! I hope mine looks half as nice as that when its done! next winter ill be tearing it down and powedercoating the frame and repainting the engine. Im going to have a friend throw a decent coat of paint on my fairings this spring.

The forks I had revalved and resprung for my weight last month, cant wait to get this bike done!!!!

2005 999s (BST's, carbon tank, Braketech rotors, titanium here and there)
1998 916 (carbon everything but the seat and tank, Arrow cans)
1995 900ss trackbike project (Full D&D spaghetti system, 39mm FCR's, mono seat)
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