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Originally Posted by Lascivus View Post
Hi Duc MS,

Just thought I'd post a few shots of the work in progress, a labor of love, as they all are I guess.

Bought an '06 SC1000 just over 3 years ago on a bit of a whim (with the GF moving in, thought I should sneak one more bike into the garage before the 'deadline')

Had always wanted to build a classic cafe style bike with a single sided swing arm, and am very keen to find a single sided spoked wheel for this, although its pretty challenging to find a manufacturer.

Sourced a great swing arm for it from Brook Henry (Vee Two in WA), and spent some time modifying this to fit and include a suspension linkage tucked under the seat. Might have been easier in retrospect to go for the S4R swing arm, but I prefer the bespoke tubular trellis linkage to be honest. Working on the exhaust now. Many thanks to Brad at Bikecraft for his many hours of welding and head scratching on both jobs.

Been watching EIGHTFourtyEIGHT's and SM70's builds with great interest since I stumbled on them, inspiration is never far away on this forum is seems.

Sorry for the phone pics, and it doesn't appear I missed my calling as a photographer... but anyway, here she is:
Wow! Very cool...to say the least. How is the vertical cyl exhaust header going to fit around the shock? Also, could you post more Picts/info about the rear shock linkage/attachment points? Really neat that you left the battery box in place and worked around it. Usually that the first thing to go in a custom rear shock build.

Keep up the good work! And clean your phone/camera lens



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