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Do you guys think there's still a market for these things? And if so, what do you think folks would be willing to pay?

I'm frustrated with the lack of exhausts out there for my bike (900SS/CR) and have recruited a race fabricator buddy of mine (used to be a header fabricator for NHRA funny car team, now a header fabricator for a Cup team, specializes in Ti, stainless, and some new variety of stainless that I'd never heard of - did you know a set of headers for a Cup car is $8,000? I digress) to take some measurements off of an old Staintune and build me one using sections like the works/factory bikes.

I don't know what the benefit of the spaghetti stuff is but I trust his expertise on exhaust backpressure, scavenging, etc, and we'll use my bike for tuning. It's always seemed to me that a clean, simple crossover would be a better approach to increasing cornering clearance and that the Hindle method of wrapping up behind the engine in the swingarm space ahead of the wheel was pretty slick, but there must be some logic behind the complex connectors.

At any rate, I'll keep you posted and provide pics once we've got a mock-up done.

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