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Ohlins Shock for '01 ST2

I know the Ohlins and Penske shock topic has been done many times before but here's a new question related to the Ohlins ST shock. I have a '01 ST2 and I'd like to put an Ohlins shock (like the ST4s has) on it. The dilemma is the Ohlins web site and other web retailers show the Ohlins shock for the ST2 and ST4 for MY '97-2000 only and nothing for MY '01-'02. The part number is DU701 for the Ohlins rear shock 46HRCS.

Does anyone here know if this shock will fit on my '01 ST2??? I don't know of any changes that Ducati may have made in '01 to the swingarm or suspension linkage that would differ from the earlier models. I have contacted Ohlins USA and even they could not give me an answer, referring me to check with a Ducati online chat site and here I am. How do you like that? Ohlins USA can't verify the application of it's own products! If the DU701 46HRCS will fit my '01 ST and newer model ST bikes then I sure hope they update their application data! Again, can anyone verify if the Ohlins shock I mentioned will fit my '01 ST2 or do you know of one that will? Thanks as always!


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