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Originally Posted by Kiwihame View Post
I'm ditching the Kawasaki ZXR front end the bike came with when I bought it. It had bearing shells as spacers taking up the height difference between the Kawa head axle and Ducati stem. Frightening!

In anticipation I bought some 5 spoke Marchesinis which I decided to paint satin black. Which took me 1/2 a bloody day to sand and mask up. Pic is after sanding.

Muzza had decided he was going to put a Superbike front end in his 900SS so I bought his forks, triple trees and brakes. The forks have Gold Valves inside and have been reanodised Ohlins gold. Nice.

Going back to Ducati needs I need to replace my Kawasaki speedo (pictured) with a Ducati one. Because I'm using the later Marchesini wheel I need a later (ie Supersport) speedo. Anyone have one of these per chance? Heaps of mph ones on eBay for about US$100, no km/h ones. Muzza was very proud of the job he did sorting out the speedo gearing so the older forks with the new wheel will work with the speedo. (I made the carbon cover and my own tacho face a few years back.)

We also managed to find a set of genuine barely worn Brembo Cast Iron Rotors, (see pic) though had I just waited I could have bought these of my mate Liam from Fast Bike Gear. Ducati Brembo replica full floating cast iron discs [Rep-Brembo-49240081A] - NZ $599.00 : Fast Bike Gear
I am loving this thread, and it is inspiring me as well ! Now looking for my project bike to park next to my project car wonder which will be finished first.....
Keep the info and pics coming.
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