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DaveK Oct 16th, 2015 10:09 am

The DVT Multistrada's have the "Shell Advanced" sticker. Normally I don't worry much about what the manufacturer recommends (I use one form or another of Mobile Synthetic on everything else I own) but with the DVT components oil operated I was a bit more cautious than I'd otherwise be. However... my dealer sold me Motul 300V (a liter of top off oil... my bike was down 200ml at 9000 miles) so it's probably not much of a concern after all.

'Severe Duty' is pretty subjective... on cars I considered it severe duty if I tracked it. With the DVT MTS I'd probably consider it severe duty if the amount of time in 'Sport' mode exceeded 500-1000 miles between oil changes. I've got 11k on the bike now and probably 400 miles total in Sport (less than 5%).

If I had a Panigale I'd likely change the oil at half recommended rate because I'd be thrashing that beast every time I rode it.

Grumbly Oct 16th, 2015 11:59 pm

Just ordered some of that davy....Oil change next weekend :-)


Originally Posted by davy.j (Post 5350745)
It's not rocket science... just fit an oil pressure gauge and you can see the pressure drop as the oil reaches it's use by date in a bike.
FWIW I use this stuff. Penrite Oil - A Better Class Of Oil

Just found out they make this stuff so might look into it next as it looks good.

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