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That famous Frasers service - ie lack of

I wobbled out to Frasers to pick up a tiny part for the Multi this morning.
I pulled up on the Streetfighter and parked in the car park next to some Harleys.
As soon as I walked in some foreshortened bald knobend with an American accent came up asking me to move my bike because that was where Harleys parked, or something. I said no, I'm just going to the spares counter and will move it shortly.
He persisted saying they are used bikes there so people might sit on it. I said well my helmet is on the tank so I doubt that will happen.
He then asked if he should move it for me. I replied no I will move it in a minute.
So I went to deal with the pleasant fellow at the spares counter, walking out only to find my bike moved and the helmet on the ground.

My blood was now starting to boil. I went up to the piece of sales shit and asked him if he moved my bike.
He replied "I asked you three times to move it". I said "you fucking prick, where is your boss?"
"out the back".
So I collared one of the lackeys who got one of the managers from upstairs.
I explained I don't come to their establishment to be treated like that and if anyone did that on the street I would flatten them.
I did actually contemplate pushing the cunt over the bike he was standing next to but restrained myself.
I also explained I know a lot of motorcyclists who would love to hear this kind of story about Frasers.
The manager told me he would deal with it directly and speak to the tool involved.
Dunno what happened though.
Nothing probably if he's meeting his sales targets.

Next time I'll make sure I lock the steering and I suggest you all do too next time you're there.

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