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I had some stuff done to my bike yesterday and whilst it was there they applied (according to the service guy) 4 different ECU updates: Engine ECU, ABS, DTC, and Dash. Haven't ridden much since, but did notice the following:

The bike feels smoother on overrun. The dash displays fuel consumption in L/100km instead of km/L. Wasn't able to test ABS or DTC. I like km/L so I hope there's a way to switch it back - perhaps the same menu where you select units? After all, nobody uses "gallons per hundred miles"

I looked for the "switch still down" warning but couldn't make it happen.

By the way, they checked my brakes as I wasn't happy with the "pulsating" feeling I spoke about in a previous post, and they found my discs were warped (slightly). They are going to replace my discs and pads under warranty

They found air in my rear brake line and bled it out. Result: the rear brake is now what I would consider satisfactory. A vast improvement. All in all, a good service!

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