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Technical Forum for discussion specific to Superbikes including all 4-valve models from the 748 through 1199.
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Technical Forum for discussion specific to all 2-valve and 4-valve Monster models
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Sport Touring

Technical Forum for discussion specific to the Sport Touring Bikes Paso, ST2, ST3, ST3s, ST4, ST4s.
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Technical Forum for discussion specific to Multistrada 620, 950, 1000DS, 1000sDS. 1200.
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Technical Forum for discussion specific to the new HyperMotard
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Sport Classic

Technical Forum for discussion specific to the GT1000, Smart 1000 and Sport 1000.
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Technical Forum for discussion specific to the Ducati Scrambler series
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Ducati centric discussions.
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Technical Forum for discussion specific to Ducati powered Bimota bikes including DB1, DB2, DB4, Tesi and Mantra
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Technical discussions for the Ducati Streetfighter.
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Technical Forum for discussion specific to the Paso
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851 / 888

Technical Forum for discussion specific to the classic 851 / 888 Superbikes
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Technical discussions for the Ducati Diavel.
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Ducati.ms News

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Mechanical Tech Discussion The place for general or non-model specific tech questions and answers

Hall of Wisdom

Inspired tidbits of Ducati wisdom. Technical tips, completed projects, detailed instructions, step by step photos, how-tos, and other important factoids worthy of mention. This forum is fully moderated and new threads must be approved.
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Tech Forum

The place for general or non-model specific tech questions and answers for repair and maintenance.
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Oil and Lubrication

Got questions about engine oil and lubrication? See answers here!
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Suspension and Tire Tech

For all discussions related to your suspension and tires.
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General Discussion

Welcome and Introduction

Introduce yourself to the community. New users MUST post here first before receiving access to the rest of the site.
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Ducati.ms Bike of the Month

Get your ride featured at Ducati.ms by entering the Bike of the Month contest!
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Surveys and Polls

A place for surveys and polls conducted for the community
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Classifieds A place for members to buy and sell personal items. Non-commercial listings only. READ THE FORUM RULES BEFORE POSTING!


List your partially used, previously ridden, but still one blast to ride Ducati here.
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Parts and Accessories

Exhaust, Motorcycle Fairings, Parts! Anything you can slap on your ride to make it preform better or turns heads faster.
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Helmets, Jackets, Gloves, etc. you get the idea.
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The Kitchen Sink

Anything not Motorcycle related. Cameras, Electronics and your wives cooking set (depending on how good of a cook she is).
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Ducati.ms Authorized Dealers

This is for Dealers associated with Ducati.ms to list the bike they have in their inventory for sale.
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eBay Auction Links Section

Post up your eBay auction links in this section. This Forum is for all members.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Marketplace Events

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BrakeTech USA

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Evotech Performance

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Gotham Cycles

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Only top-quality components, accessories, and riding gear at www.MOTORCYCLEiD.com
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Moto Machines

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Ride Scorpio

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Community Help Section


Announcements and News for the Ducati.ms Community
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Community Help

If you have any questions on how to access or use this site, please post your questions here. Our help team will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Please feel free to also post requests for enhancements or suggestions.
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Test Forum

A place to test various vBulletin features, such as inline images, message formating, or anything else you might like to test.
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Off Topic Section

Chit Chat

This is a forum for off topic discussions, humor and musings that do not fit in the other forums.
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Travel, GPS Chat and Ride Tales

On a trip? Just back from a great adventure on your Ducati? Share your stories, pictures, and GPS routes from the road with other members of the community.
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Here is a place for discussion of the equipment you carry, techniques you use and the results you get when capturing the images, both still and motion, as you travel by motorcycle. Talk about tthat great camera or post that great image you captured while traveling by motorcycle.
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Apparel and Accessory Chat

Discuss, ask questions and give reviews about parts, accessories, gadgets and gear here.
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Road Racing

Information and discussion on Racing Events, Schedules, and the latest Statistics and Results.
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Regional Discussions National news, rides, talk for riders across the United States, including our neighbors to the north and south. For regional news, rides and talk, check out the regional sub-forums


Local news, rides, talk for riders in Canada.
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Local news, rides, talk for riders in Continental Europe, United Kingdom, and Ireland (any language).
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Australia, New Zealand, and AsiaPac

Local news, rides, talk for riders downunder in Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia/Pacific region.
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