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@crm114: that's correct! To be more specific, everything up to 5% of ethanol is considered and named petrol/gasoline/Benzin/Super/etc. It doens't mean that the gasoline _has_ to have an ethanol content of 5%, but everything _up to_ 5% is allowed. If the ethanol content is higher than 5% it has to be mentioned, for example E85.
I have asked the attendants of all major and minor petrol stations in my area for information about ethanol content. Many of them had _no clue_ what I was talking about. Some told me that yes, there is ethanol in their product albeit thay did not know how much. Only one attendant had enough time to phone some central office while I was there and she only confirmed that their gasoline "fullfills all regulations". The answer came in a rather crude tone after her dialog partner on the phone wanted to know who I am, for whom I work and why I want to know

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