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Originally Posted by poolagent View Post
As far as i know, ethanol used in fuel is less aggressive than the gasoline itself…

So maybe it is the sort of plastic they were using at Acerbis that leads to this problem.
In fact Acerbis is producing lots of tanks for several companies and should know what they do…

Interesting movie… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-MNQFlRilE
So these guys run 100k miles and tear the engine down finding it nice and clean. No mention of the rubber o-rings or plastic parts on the car. All I know is that I ran only 4000 miles on my bike before E-10 destroyed my gas tank. Now in the US our government is going to E-15 but only for vehicles 2007 or newer. How is that going to work at the pump?

I'd be in favor of a selector button that gave me the choice of E-Zero at a higher price. Let the great masses of uninformed save some pennies per gallon in exchange for hundreds of dollars in repairs later.

What a scam. And if you say I'm against saving the planet, bite me. It's arrogant to think we can save or destroy it by turning corn into crappy fuel.

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