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Tank spreading in Europe / Germany

After being "offline" for a while (both forum-wise and bike-wise), I discovered some weeks ago that the tank on my GT had spread by approx 2cm between the rubber pads. It all happened during this last season. I had no problems until now. Yesterday I received the confirmation by Ducati Germany that they accept to replace the tank. It all went too smooth to be true ... I had a felling that the deal was some sort of "no questions asked - no questions answered". As long as I get a fitting tank, that's OK for me!

I am not sure why the tank spreading took so long to manifest, but maybe it's because of the lower ethanol content in gasoline over here in Europe. As far as I know, the maximum allowed ethanol content is of 5%. This will btw change in the near future due to a European directive (Directive 2009/30/EC of 23 April 2009 for those of you who are interested), which dictates to increase the ethanol content up to 10%.

An other interesting thing I discovered in the last few days is that the Monster models suffer from this problem since 2005, when the metal tank was replaced by the same material as on our SCs. An interesting read is the forum thread at DMC: Plastic Tank problems: Sign up list (UPDATED 11-Oct-10, see #1 post)
This was unknown to my local dealer, although the mechanic told me he knew something was fishy as many Monster tanks seem to him to be so soft to be deformed by hand!

So now´s the right time to go over to the tank spreading poll and shift my vote from "no" (as of last year) to "yes".

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