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Look, I'll be honest, I only see a few slight issues in your pictures. They don't clearly show any contact with the triple clamp
and the shot of the top carbon piece just means the carbon piece doesn't fit well...

The wrinkle on the sides are not good but I think you're going a bit overboard on this topic. I hope Ducati replaces your tank for you and they should
but I think the severity of this problem is being blown out of proportion.

My tank fits tight and has a gouge from the rad bracket but it has had that from new and it hasn't changed, I'd guess that most fit that way.
I don't think that is an indication of the tank swelling. I have a clean linear gap between the forks/triple clamp and my tank.

The bottom line is that it is a cosmetic issue for most of us (it's certainly more than cosmetic for the SC owners) and I don't think
Ducati would be able to replace all of the tanks on every bike since they began using plastic.

Ducati needs to find a solution to this problem and stop using the current materials in the production of their gas tanks NOW.
And they need to replace the tanks that are more severe.

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