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Mika Fredericks
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Anyone else have ZERO intention on ever taking your Multi on dirt?

Yeah, I said it!!!!!

I just purchased a new 1200s DVT a few weeks ago and promptly had new rubber put on when I had my new wheels installed.
Pirelli Rosso Corsa (on forged magnesium Marchesni's)

I bought the bike more as a sport/touring as opposed to a "4 bikes in one". (Totaled my 15 Monster 1200s- this is the replacement).

Im an aggressive rider. I regularly run with local sportbike guys like a hoodrat sometimes and have no issue keeping up. (most guys my age- 48, ride like, well, old men)
I also do track days and will be taking this to the track a few times (Grattan and Gingerman- both here in Michigan) as well as trips down to the Dragon.

I was on a loaner 14 Pikes Peak for a while and it shocked a lot of the guys I ride with on how well it could keep up. To be honest, I was shocked too.

So when some crap in a corner took out my rear wheel and lowsided my Monster (at like 10mph!) I looked long and hard at the new Multi.
I took one for a long-ish test ride and I was pretty much sold as it being the new bike. In fact, I wish the guys at my dealer would have told me to take one for a spin before I bought my Monster- I would have got one then!

To my original point of this thread, anyone else not even consider the possibility of anything more than a mile or three of hard packed dirt road?
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