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We have a lot of those type here. I call 'em "pirate cosplayers". H'aaarrley-Davidson mateys! I work at a dealership and we recently had a Harley guy come in, wanting to trade in his Street Glide on "something with more power". He was open to other brands, remarkably. We allow test rides, so we put 'em on the new Moto Guzzi MGX-21. He immediately opened it up and sped off. Came back in less than 5 minutes, said it had no power and rode like a tricycle. (he had it in rain mode, Veloce mode literally spins the back wheel at 70 mph on that bike. I know, I've done it.). I switched modes for the guy but he didn't want to sit back on it, "it's nothing more than an eye-talian toy". Up next, Triumph Rocket III Roadster. It's only 2300 cc's. He takes off on that, gone for 20 minutes. Comes back and says "Harley riders like me have no idea what power is. I'll take it."

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