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Talking An encounter with a couple of Harley "tough" guys

Disclaimer: This in no way is to put down Harley riders or the brand. In fact, my father and I have owned and ridden them for years so it is not mean to be a bashing thread. Please don't turn it into one.

That said, however, the ego behind some of these riders is something to behold.

I had the liberty of talking with a couple of Harley riders recently and it was amusing and almost scary how oblivious and or ignorant they are to any other type of bike. One of them was telling me how nobody can keep up with him in the corners on his Road Glide.... yes, I'm serious.. in the corners. What type of corners we talking, right? Among other things such as telling me how he can't keep the front end down he asked "does it corner?" Out of all the questions you could ask, you ask if it corners?? I mean, with all the knowledge he's trying to lead me to think he possess about motorcycles he can't take the sliders and slicks into consideration that it might be made for cornering? To me it was like asking a Harley rider if their bike tours well. He was then talking about how his ape hangers aid in this great handling and that he can do all this while comfortably fully stretched out on his forward pegs. Of course I'm just silently looking at his footpegs that are just a few inches from the ground. They asked what CC it was and after shortly saying "1100" it was completely obvious to them that I may have just as well said "it's a 250." Boy, they were certain on their mother's life they could walk all over my bike after they found out it's 'only' an 1100. Boy, if you should've been there they were almost laughing at that point. As I said, it may as well be a detuned 250 to them. Party over. Go home. I basically just kept my mouth shut the entire time and said "uh-huh" and listened because it was too ridiculous to even argue. What they were saying and where their minds were would simply be futile to try and interject with some common sense. I'm not one to stoop to that level. When it came to the CC size question though, I had to just to go on record (primarily) out the sake of shear sanity and said, "1100cc's in a chassis that weighs well under 400lbs makes for a pretty exciting ride."

The best part was that one did, surprisingly, provide an honest number of the estimated HP of his bike. He mentioned that his Road Glide makes somewhere around 85-90HP with his engine mods which was a fully built, fire breathing motor according to him. Well, he may actually be right as that's about what a hopped up HD makes anyway. I believe he truly thought that something as 'small' as an 1100cc probably makes less than 50HP so that "huge" number that he gave would've sounded like 200HP to me in the world of motorcycle HP. I almost lost it when I thought about the power to wait ratios of each. I couldn't believe the ignorance or that this didn't come close to crossing their minds.

Not every Harley rider is like that and truthfully, you'll find a lot of "those" guys in really any type of bike class that out there. Sad, but it's the truth. The ignorance and the self-enhancement that come out of some though, as I said, can be something to be-told though.

I don't know, the two bikes are so worlds apart that you really can't even compare them. I just couldn't do that. It would be basically the same thing if I went to them and told them how well the HM is at long distance touring and bragged about the completely awesome fuel range and wind protection that I get.

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