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The next step was to have the bike inspected in order to start the registration process. I had to put back the original silencer (which weighs a f*cking ton!!!) and get a parking light for the windshield. It had been removed and the hole covered with a Corse sticker. Couldn't find one in Finland so needed to get the light from Germany for 20€. After some work the bike was ready for inspection.

It was below 0C when we finally got to take her for inspection with my father so there were some starting issues already... After an hour of charging the battery we ran her hot an got on our way. The inspection was a no-brainer, took maybe 30min including the paperwork and everything was in order. After that I filled out all the necessary paperwork for getting the import tax calculated by "Trafi". I was expecting something around 2500€ but luckily I only had to pay around 1300€! So the total cost for this bike registered in Finland was almost exactly 10 000€ including the bike, delivery, inspection and registration costs. For that kind of money you'd normally get a 2004 base 999 with more miles so I was pretty happy.

The next phase was obviously getting the bike clean and starting to get some tasty parts for it. Thanks @Dennie and @yellowducking for getting me into the RS etc. parts. My wallet hates you!

Before I even got the bike I had already purchased some parts:

DP magnesium valve covers 96429203B

DP magnesium mirror stays 96728403B

DP carbon gas cap 96958703B


DP carbon front sprocket cover 96902498B
DP windshield without parking light 96972005B
DP carbon V fairing 48410483B

All the parts were new and I was pleased with the quality. Everything was nice and shiny, my favorite At a later point I sold the V fairing since it wasn't the vented version and got a 749R version instead. I needed to get more parts of course since I had seen all the beautiful bits in the DP catalogs (I have the 2004, 2005 and 2006 ones in pdf).

999S '06 "Isabella"
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