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I think all we need to do is get a head count of each vehicle that has an existing problem OR had to get a tank replaced. Vote "yes" if you have any history with a bad tank. Vote "no" if you have not. Simple. The idea is to try and get a representation of just how serious this problem is. to NTSB and Ducati so we can get a real solution for our bikes. Also, be sure to use the other sticky to send your complaint in to NTSB. I sent this to DNA this evening to try and help get some attention to the group of us, as maybe we can get some more positive results for keeping the bikes we love safe. I can't post Ducatis response to this or previous contacts I've made. I will say they have be extremely quick in answering. Just would like to see some help.

Please check out the forum for all the issues happening with defective fuel tanks on Sport Classics that are not being addressed to satisfaction of your customers. While I am impressed with the quickness of your responses to me in the past, I am not the only Ducati owner who is struggling to justify ownership in this situation. In warranty or out of warranty, a manufactured defective unsafe part is being used on these motorcycles. I really love the bike and most everything about it. I am losing steering lock because of this tank expansion and I've only had the used bike for two weeks. Please monitor this situation and provide us with a long term solution.

At this point, I just want to get back to having fun with a great motorcycle. I just hope it stays safe to ride in the meantime.

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